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Considering Children: Addressing Family Matters with Mediation

Before starting a mediation where children are involved, we take special care to ensure that the couple is able to maintain a dynamic of communication. Without a proper channel for discussion, mediation breaks down as the couple is unable to move past unresolved issues. Difficulties such as issues during marriage, insecurities, or past arguments must be overlooked when we begin to mediate for the welfare of the child. Our final goal is an equitable parenting plan that places the child’s current wellbeing first, while also establishing a clear path to their future success and happiness.

Creating a Fair Parenting Plan in Kelowna

Developing a parenting plan will take multiple sessions as we work through each step of the process. The central challenge in family mediation is overcoming emotions to grapple directly with the facts of the matter. The child doesn’t know what is in their own best interest, and it is rare that the parents are unbiased in their outlook as to what is right, so we will guide the conversation to reach a fair conclusion. No amount of coercion or deception will affect the mediation process, and if attempts to dissuade the mediator begin to impede the mediation process, that will bring the process to a swift close. This is all to maintain the integrity of the mediation process. It is a non-hostile, non-adversarial alternative to the court system. For that reason, many people come to mediation, including those that may not be prepared. We do our best to assess this prior to any mediation appointments, however issues are not always apparent from the outset.

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As we complete each step in the child mediation process, the overall agreement will begin to take shape. Depending on the age of the child their input will be considered, however it is age-dependent to account for the susceptibility of children to be influenced by their caretakers. Primarily, the discussion will be centered upon who is in a better space to care for the child, what their desires are for a parenting plan, and how we can satisfy everyone involved while protecting the child to the best of our abilities. Mediation has several benefits when planning for your child’s future, such as reducing the stress they experience, reducing conflict between the couple, and saving time and money for everyone involved. By the time a final agreement has been reached, everyone will have had time to speak their mind and share in the creation of a parenting plan.

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