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There are several reasons why family lawyers in Kelowna recommend getting a prenup when you decide to marry. For instance, protection in case things go awry and reducing financial stress. Many couples opt for a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage to reduce complications. Follow along below to learn about why it is suggested you get a prenup.

Family Lawyers in Kelowna Give Top Reasons on Why You Need a Prenup.

One of the first reasons you should get a prenup is peace of mind. Having a prenup will allow you the security of not having to worry about all the what-ifs divorce can pose for a couple. Differences in annual salary can cause lots of turmoil if the relationship falls through. An agreement such as this can prevent one party from escaping with everything and leaving nothing behind for the other. Moreover, It ensures a fair division of assets as agreed upon by both parties. This is essential especially in the instance that a couple divorces with unplanned children, a company together, etc. 

In addition, a pre-nuptial agreement forces couples to get on the same page. It requires them to understand what assets belong to who and how things will be split in the event of divorce. Furthermore, it can protect inheritances meant for your children and allow you to plan your taxes. People who do not set up an agreement before they are married will be at the mercy of the court for many of these items. For example, division of assets, who pays what to who, parenting agreements, etc.

For more information on why you should consider getting a premarital agreement, contact us and we can refer you to one of our family lawyers in Kelowna today. We’d be more than happy to help you determine whether this is something you need. Feel free to contact us at any time for support. Or, check out our youtube for further assistance. We look forward to working with you soon!

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