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Family Mediation Center is Giving you a Year-End Recap!

Family Mediation Center is wrapping up 2021 with an index of posts you may have missed throughout the year! Catch up below!

To conclude our 2021 blog content, we at the Family Mediation Center thought it best to go through and recap all of the articles we’ve written. This way, all of our clients can catch up on any helpful advice and tips they may have missed.

Follow along below to view the summaries of the articles from 2021.


May 2021 – What to do before meeting with a child support mediator

Child Support Mediator

In this article, you can find all sorts of information about preparing for a meeting with a child support mediator. Gathering your thoughts, getting the facts, and knowing what you want are all things to prepare in advance of your mediation. This will help contribute to a productive meeting. View the full post “What to do before meeting with a child support mediator”.


June 2021 – Creating a Parenting Plan With an Alimony Lawyer Kelowna


Having a parenting plan in place can help children and parents transition during divorce or separation. Parenting plans set boundaries, outline a schedule and define any unclear details. Coming up with a parenting plan can resolve many issues. To learn more, check out the article “Creating a Parenting Plan With an Alimony Lawyer Kelowna”.


July 2021 – How to tell your kids about divorce in Kelowna

child divorce kelowna

Breaking the news of divorce to your children is an incredibly difficult task. However, many parents are faced with this challenge. In this post, we go through some of the best ways to break the news to your children—no matter their age. Read the post “How to tell your kids about divorce in Kelowna” for more help.


August 2021 – Divorce Lawyer Kelowna on Child Support

divorce lawyer in-kelowna

Child support is a prime reason why parents hire a divorce lawyer. Determining child support can be a sensitive subject and having a lawyer to guide you through the process is beneficial. In this post, we explain what child support is, and answer some of your most common questions about child support. Read more about “Divorce Lawyer Kelowna on Child Support”.


September 2021 – Divorce mediator Kelowna – FAQ

divorce mediator Kelowna

Hiring a divorce mediator can come with a lot of questions. Many people wonder what a divorce mediator does? Or, when the right time for mediation is? All of these questions are answered in our post titled “Divorce mediator Kelowna – FAQ”.


October 2021 – Family Lawyers Kelowna & Prenups

dividing family property in bc

Prenuptial agreements can prevent future conflicts. Although, it can be difficult to bring up the idea with your spouse. Prenups are encouraged as they can help partners get on the same page and save money. To learn more about prenups, read “Family Lawyers Kelowna & Prenups”.


November 2021 – How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Kelowna?

family mediator in kelowna

Choosing a divorce lawyer is an important step in your separation. You need to ensure that the person you hire has your best interests at heart. Moreover, they need to be communicative and experienced in family law. For more help on picking the right lawyer, read the article “How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Kelowna”. 

We look forward to helping all of our clients in the new year. Until then, our firm wishes you a happy holiday. Be sure to check back in January for more blog content and tips and get in touch if you need us! You can also follow us on Facebook!

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