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Kelowna Mediator Explains: How Does Mediation Work?

How Does a Family or Divorce Mediator Help Me in Kelowna?

Unlike lawyers, divorce mediators are able to be with both parties in the same room. Mediators are a neutral third party that help move the communication process along, and negotiate a fair agreement between the parties involved, until the point that a separation agreement is reached.

What is the Mediation Process in the Okanagan?

We start with pre-mediation to qualify if the parties are ready to mediate. Not everyone can mediate their relationship successfully. After pre-mediation, we start with mediation, it will take between 6 to 10 sessions, where each session is about 90 minutes long.  After the Memorandum of Understanding is reached, a lawyer that is a part of our mediation network will prepare the Separation Agreement to be signed by both parties. A draft is presented and a final agreement is then reached. We keep this process non-confrontational. If needed, a list of non-confrontation will be given to each person for independent legal advice before signing the agreement.

How does Mediation Address my Unique Situation?

Because of our mediation model, we have a 90% success rate without any fighting.

  • Nobody has the same model we created
  • Both of you are in the same room at the same time, working towards the same goal
  • An agenda is created to discuss and plan everything, point by point
  • Our sessions are not restricted by time, and can take up to 2 hours if needed
  • A family lawyer (if necessary) can talk to both parties at the same time, to clarify questions and to provide answers.
  • Pre-mediation will assess if your situation qualifies for mediation
  • You are in charge of your destiny, not a judge.
  • Memorandum of understanding is reviewed before contracts are signed

Your Final Separation Agreement will Include:

The Memorandum of Understanding for an Eventual Separation Agreement

A separation agreement, ready to sign, is included with our services. Many couples find that having a prepared separation agreement may ensure that both parties are aware of their rights and any considerations should a divorce occur. After the financial issues are taken care of then a relationship can recoup, returning to friendship and happiness once more.

What is Partial Mediation?

A conflict or difficulty in a marriage that may end in divorce if not rectified can be discussed in our offices. We can negotiate and plan for the future, in order to keep the relationship in constant communication, aiding both parties in finding resolution. Whether this ends in divorce is a matter for the couple, but having planned for this event can help to avoid the unexpected.

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