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Major Reasons to See a Mediator Before a Lawyer

When you begin to experience issues in your marriage that put you or your family at risk, it is time to seek solutions. Depending on the situation, counselling may be the best course of action – though that is not the only case. When these situations escalate beyond the point of counselling’s assistance – such as disputes, abuse, violence, or irreparable actions – it often becomes a competition to see who can ‘win’ in the relationship. In this sense, the marriage dissolves into a detrimental situation, an adversarial situation.

Couples Mediation - Divorce & Family Mediation Center Kelowna

Now, based on the circumstance, it is possible to surpass the issues pulling the two apart. For that reason, we offer Couples Mediation. This is a short-term process that is designed to identify specific concerns between the couple, working to address each point throughout the sessions. Common forms of resolvable situations are trust, friendship, emotions, or surface-level tension (see our blog on resolvable vs. unresolvable problems). The goal here is to reach an agreement on a specific problem.

Entering into the court system is typically a face off. Feelings and emotions may supersede what is right for any of the parties involved (dependants, relatives, business relations, themselves). Both sides face expenses that could exceed the potential pay-off. Further, the court system is inherently combative. Both sides are pitted against one another for their own self-gain at the other’s loss.

Couples Mediation - Divorce & Family Mediation Center Kelowna

Mediation side steps the competition. Instead of entering into a pro-longed and expensive court battle (where the only clear winners may be the lawyers), mediation attempts to find an equal balance where fairness is the primary guide throughout each session. In a collaborative environment led by the mediator, Daniel Mandelbaum, each participant will have time to share their opinions, desires, and objections in an open environment, a calm atmosphere. Working through several sessions, our mediator will guide the discussion through each step of the process. This active involvement with everyone involved is shown to reach successful conclusions that leaves all parties in a better position. The Mediator’s neutral position progresses the conversation while working to ascertain a fair conclusion; it is a far less stressful experience than attempting to defend ones’ self in court. Parties are likely to leave mediation satisfied with the outcome, given that they have had a fair and direct impact on the final agreement that results.


If you are ready to talk, now is the time to act. Break the tension through Couples Mediation at Divorce & Family Mediation Center!

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