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Planning for Elderly Family Members Through Mediation

Although mediation might seem to be for handling legal issues without entering the combative court system, there are actually many other reasons to seek out a trained mediator for assistance in your life. Aging parents and family members can be a cause for concern – who will look take care of them? Who should be in charge of their finances? And what about their medical choices? Mediation simplifies these questions by turning the decision-making process over to a neutral third party, the mediator.

Mediating Family Concerns

Handling concerns over family members can be especially difficult without a mediator as emotions run high and what is best for the family member might be lost in the tide of emotions. By entering into mediation, you are taking control of the situation and accepting that what you want isn’t necessarily what is right, and that is truly the best thing you can do for your family member. We will talk through each issue over the course of several sessions to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak their mind and voice their concerns. Our goal is to take all of that information and create a solution that works best for everyone involved. Through mediation you can find peace and resolve in any situation.

Elder Care Issues - Divorce & Family Mediation Center

Find the Best Solution with a Mediator

It is important to handle these concerns before they swell out of control. The sooner you enter mediation, the faster you can begin preparations and more easily sidestep conflicts that could arise along the way. Concerns of finances are prominent in elder care mediation. Designating Power of Attorney often leads to contempt between siblings, as it can feel like a ‘favourite’ child is being chosen. Through mediation, these difficult discussions will be dealt with in a calm and safe atmosphere. As we walk through the talking points, our mediator will guide conversation and take in all pertinent information that could contribute to a final decision.

Elder Care Issues - Divorce & Family Mediation Center

Court System or Mediation in the Okanagan?

Mediation is not a last-ditch effort before entering the court system – many people do not need the court system at all, but will benefit greatly from meeting with a mediator. Elder issues are a convoluted challenge that should be brought before a neutral third-party to ensure the best course of action is taken. Struggling with the number of options and feelings of dependents, parents, siblings, and other relatives can be overwhelming. Reduce that stress and animosity with the help of a mediator. No one will win if there is competition between one another, so take that out of the equation with mediation.

With extensive experience mediating familial issues, our mediator Daniel Mandelbaum is equipped to handle your family’s concerns with tact and care. Join us for a consultation and let us find your path forward together.

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