Who Does What When it Comes to Family Mediation in Kelowna?

Family mediation in Kelowna involves several roles. The party seeking help, the lawyers, and the mediator all have their own part to play during the mediation. It can be tricky to determine what you need to do in order to have the most productive mediation. Understanding the roles of each party in the mediation can help you better understand what the lawyers and mediators need from you. Follow along below to learn more about mediation roles.

What is my job during mediation?

As a party to the mediation, you have an important part to play. Your job throughout the mediation process is firstly, to follow the rules set by the mediator. This step is essential in order to create an environment that allows all parties to communicate effectively. Once the mediator has set boundaries, you need to listen to the other party’s point of view. However, this is not to say that you need to agree with them. Furthermore, it is helpful that you speak up and voice your ideas and concerns. When actively participating in the mediation, it is best that you stay focused on your interests, needs, fears, wants, and concerns. Ultimately, mediation goes the best when clients are open and honest. 

Will there be a lawyer present? What is their role in the mediation?

Lawyers do not need to be present during the mediation. Parties can choose whether or not to attend the mediation with legal counsel.  A lawyer’s primary purpose in mediation is to support their client and answer any legal questions. Sometimes during the mediation, questions may arise about specific legal matters. In which case, the party’s lawyer can step in to provide their opinion. However, a lawyer’s job in mediation does not involve advocating for their client like they would during litigation. 

What does a mediator do during family mediation in Kelowna?

A mediator’s role during family mediation in Kelowna is extremely important. The mediator must establish an environment that promotes open, honest communication between the parties. Furthermore, a mediator needs to educate the involved parties about the mediation process. This way no one is left in the dark. A mediator’s primary job is to monitor the conversation and ensure that a specific pace is maintained. This can mean encouraging clients to move on to a new subject or helping the parties identify their main concerns. Additionally, mediators help the parties find solutions, deal with power disputes, generate options, and provide legal information as necessary. 

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