Divorce Lawyer vs. Divorce Mediator

The general consensus is that divorce lawyers or family lawyers are the bad guys. I do not agree. Ultimately, family lawyers or divorce lawyers are doing their job. They will be your representative and advocate. In some cases, a lawyer may be the only answer. After evaluation, if you are not ready to mediate, I will not take your case.

Divorce lawyers in Kelowna, or in any other part of Canada, cannot be in the same room with both parties. This is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Two separate divorce lawyers would be required, costing you time and money in an attempt to finalize the divorce. Considering divorce mediation could help you save both time and money.

As a mediator, the limitations of lawyers are my assets. This has become the core of my divorce mediation belief system, theory, and practice. With a mediator, CONFLICT OF INTEREST becomes an INTEREST TO RESOLVE A CONFLICT. I can, and will be, in the same room with all parties involved. I do not believe it is possible to resolve a dispute that involves the same roots, but different needs and expectations, unless all parties are in the same room.

Yes, you need to know the law, you need to know your rights and your obligations, and the final goal will still be an agreement. I do not lose focus; that is why I work with a divorce lawyer in Kelowna that will review the final agreement that I have prepared. Both parties will structure the agreement, an agreement that accommodates each of their specific circumstances and needs. A separation agreement done with clarity and attention to detail creates a road map to guide you now and into the future.


Divorce Lawyer vs. Divorce Mediator

  • Clients that come to see me after fighting with two divorce lawyers are in a very fragile emotional state. The mediation sessions are longer and clients are more sensitive.
  • No matter how aggressive your lawyer might be, the other lawyer’s party knows the law. Like it or not, there will be a fight between lawyers and the clients will pay.
  • With a mediator, you structure you own agreement, it is not structured by a lawyer or a judge. You will be happy with your own agreement, as it is one you have created. Studies show that 90% of people that go into mediation will not go to court. People that begin in court, go back to court.
  • The family, as a whole, will undergo significant changes. Through mediation, family organization, rules, and structure will suffer less because communication will be upheld. For example, you will be able to participate as a family at your daughter’s graduation or your son’s wedding because lines of communication were kept open.
  • Mediators allow for parental visitation to be changed based on a child or adult’s needs, not based on the mood of a judge.
  • All this happens in a private room, and is not kept in public records. Your dignity is taken into consideration through mediation.


Benefits of using mediation services at FAMILY MEDIATION CENTER

  • More creative
  • Less costly
  • Less stress
  • Confidentiality
  • Demonstration of intention to solve a problem
  • Divorce Mediation has a more humanistic approach to solving a practical problem
  • Mediators help you to get a fair agreement
  • The decisions are yours, and not those affected by circumstance or a judge
  • Divorce mediators make long-lasting, yet flexible agreements.
  • Option to review clauses in the future
  • Option to have kids or grandparents involved in the mediation process and in the final agreement as well.
  • Review agreements based on cycles of life.