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Divorce Mediation Services in Penticton

Divorce mediation services in Penticton are a great way to save money and create harmony during your divorce proceedings. Imagine that divorce is another stage in your life and step into a more creative approach to settle continual, cyclical fighting. 

The Family Mediation Centre provides divorce mediation services in Penticton for couples.  Divorce mediation is an excellent way to come to an agreement that suffices all business related to a couple’s separation. Working with one of our divorce mediators is a therapeutic process that follows concise steps in order to come to a balanced resolution according to your needs and your rights. This process discourages disparaging remarks and promotes healthy communication around important aspects of your divorce such as finances, parenting, illness, and death.

As opposed to legal action, during divorce mediation, the mediator remains present in the same room at the same time as the separating couple.

While we do not offer legal advice, we do pre-arrange zoom calls for both parties to have their legal questions answered. We also regularly correspond with family law litigators in Penticton. These professionals often provide us with an estimate on legal fees, court costs, and even the predicted results if the case were to end up in family law court for a judge to decide. Taking your divorce to the courts to decide can be very costly!

Divorce mediation services in Penticton are a creative way to find balance, resolve conflict, and share assets.

At your first consultation, we’ll determine if mediation applies to your specific situation. If so, we will work together to end the process with an agreement on the terms of separation, to be documented in a Memorandum of Understanding. A Separation Agreement, which will then be prepared and written by a lawyer of your choice, will include the applicable: Assets and debt, Bank accounts, Credit cards, Credit lines and loans, Spousal support, Child support, Parenting plan, Gifts before marriage, Inheritance, and Pensions.

Our divorce mediation specialists in Penticton can also provide a list of lawyers at your request.

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A good divorce is better than a bad relationship.

Divorce Mediation Services in Penticton can save you money, provide you with a written agreement, and keep your relationship civilized.


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