Parenting Plan

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A parenting plan is much much more complex than most people imagine.

We walk each couple through more than 50 steps when developing a parenting plan, to ensure that the parties will respect and honour the spirit of their mutual agreement, not just its basic rules.

The process involves dealing not only with such things as holiday schedules, but also more subtle details, such as contacting doctors and teachers (who? how? when?), money for extracurricular activities, the role played by grandparents, means of communication, respect for privacy and any other issue the parties might deem important, to establish an amicable, long-lasting relationship that will benefit not only the children, but the parents as well. All the IFs will be part of the final parenting plan, and future needs will also be discussed. We will raise important points that you would never have imagined to help you and your ex-partner reach a mature agreement.

Right: Sample of a 4-3 parenting schedule

parenting plan 4 3 schedule