A good divorce is better than a bad relationship

Civil & Cost-Effective Separation

Resolve conflict without the court

Mediation, the better solution for divorce & family conflict

Why Divorce & Family Mediation?

  • Less stressful than the adversarial court process
  • Cooperative and non-confrontational
  • Faster and less expensive than the litigation process
  • Focused on the best outcome for the whole family
  • Offers creative solutions to difficult problems
  • Provides answers to your questions
  • Results in a Separation Agreement that will be written by a lawyer of your choice

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a cooperative, fair and efficient way to resolve disagreements with the help of a neutral professional: the mediator. The goal is to discuss the issues, reach a mutually-beneficial resolution, and sign a binding written agreement.

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Simple Steps Of Mediation


Get your questions answered and find out if mediation is right for you in confidential consultation individually, and with all parties involved.

Let us assess your situation. Fill out and submit our pre-mediation interview form.


If everyone agrees to mediate, we create a common agenda, and meet jointly for an agreed upon number of sessions, for about 90 minutes each.

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Memorandum of
Understanding & Contract

Once we have reached verbal agreement, we will draft a Memorandum of Understanding. Then a lawyer of your choice will make the Memorandum into a Separation Agreement, or contract, to be signed.



I would recommend Daniel and his colleagues. They are professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.
Daniel Mandelbaum is compassionate, practical and with a vast mediation knowledge who truly assisted my brother’s marriage with legitimate interest and a keen unique approach. I am truly pleased I introduced them both!
The assistance the Daniel gave at the difficult time was extremely valuable. It helped to easy the problems I have seen others have going through the same thing. It is a gentle approach with honestly and clarity. I would highly recommend anyone who needs mediation to look at Daniel.
"Daniel helped me with the division of assets in a creative and unique manner. Daniel also helped me to keep my relationship with my ex-wife civilized so we could discuss our differences. His process was fast and effective. 10 sessions and we walked out with a Memorandum of understanding signed.”

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