Divorce Lawyers vs. Divorce Mediation…which is right for me?

The general consensus is that divorce lawyers or family lawyers are the bad guys. I do not agree. At the very end, family lawyers or divorce lawyers are doing what they…

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What is it that makes Divorce Mediation unique?

Divorce Mediation is a process. It has steps and a specific technique and tools. Mediation is one way to resolve a dispute or a conflict. It’s a smart way in…

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Why is Couples Mediation so successful and efficient?

Mediation is not marriage counseling or couples therapy. Mediation is a short-term process designed to identify concerns and meet needs in order to reach…

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“Daniel helped me with my divorce in a very practical yet human manner. Daniel helped me with the basics such as to make the monthly expense spreadsheet to accommodate my specific lifestyle. He also helped me to negotiate with my-ex husbands lawyer, we went together to see a family lawyer and he was my voice during the whole process. Thanks to Daniel I’m now in great shape.
Cobby Young, Lakeshore Veins and esthetics
“Daniel guided me and my ex-husband when we were in a big crisis. If I had hired a litigator lawyer I would not be in the place that I am now. I am back with my husband and we are a more loving couple than ever before.”
Julie Gillespie, Financial Advisor
“Daniel helped me with the division of assets in a creative and unique manner. Daniel also helped me to keep my relationship with my ex-wife civilized so we could discuss our differences. His process was fast and effective. 10 sessions and we walked out with a Memorandum of understanding signed.”
Jock Hilderbrand , International Sculptor