My System

A unique system does not just happen by chance; it is the result of professional experience, proper use of techniques and a strong belief system. My business is based on a unique and solid mediation system that I believe in, and that has proven to benefit people going through difficult times in their relationship.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is about balancing your needs and your rights. It is not about bullying or manipulating the other party. As in life, it is about finding a balance that will give you dignity during the divorce process while focusing on important aspects such as money, kids, grandkids, illness and death. It is about saving money, writing an agreement and keeping your relationship with the other party as civilized as possible.

Mediation is about being creative in how to share assets and how to negotiate in a way that works for both parties. I have had clients that have ended up divorcing but still remained partners. I have had clients that have shared some assets and exchanged others. For clients with children, most importantly, a main focus has been a parenting plan based on harmony.

Mediation is also a creative process to resolve a conflict that works for both parties involved. After an agreement is carefully elaborated, I send the draft to a family lawyer who is in the same office; he reviews my agreement and will be ready to sign. We take care of all aspects of the mediation process from A to Z in the same place.

Couples Mediation

I work with couples to resolve or prevent a specific conflict; it is not therapy. I do not get into the symptoms, dynamics or history. I do not work to create positive reinforcement. I work to isolate a specific issue or issues. In the process of isolating the conflictive situation, the couple will find out their differences without getting into a devastating battle. The couple will find out if this conflict is permanent or temporary, and if the couple wishes to stay together or to renegotiate some points that will improve their lifestyle.

As a result, communication will improve and friendship will be regained. The couple will write down the agreement (if necessary), which includes the conflict and how to manage the conflict.