What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a process. It has steps, a specific technique, and tools. Mediation is one way to resolve a dispute or a conflict. It’s a smart way, in which verbal communication is important. If I evaluate that you are ready for mediation, then I can guarantee you that it will end with an agreement.

I strongly suggest that the divorcing couple tries to understand their rights and obligations as part of the process. I work with a non-confrontational lawyer and he is part of my team.

Finding Resolution in the Okanagan Through Mediation

After a pre-mediation interview in which I explain the process in more detail, as well as the pros and cons, we start with the sessions. It usually takes about ten sessions until an agreement is reached. A parenting plan may take only five sessions.

In the mediation sessions, we will set up some rules for mediation, some rules for communication and we will set up what I call an agenda. This agenda includes the common points to be mediated. The presence of a Senior Certified Mediator such as myself, plus the proper environment which facilitates the communication. In addition I do apply some specific communication techniques to this puzzle.

The process usually takes ten sessions, one with each person and 8 sessions together. In the individual sessions, I will help the client to recognize what is important, why it is important, how to present this issue to negotiate appropriately, and what if?

What to Expect After Your Mediation Sessions

Sometimes I request an additional individual session. Sometimes I refer one of the parties or both to visit a non-confrontational divorce lawyer and, if needed, a financial planner or an accountant.

The final goal is to have an agreement that the ex-couple can leave with. The couple will have an agreement that will be reviewed and finalized by a family lawyer.

I manage and help with the divorce process from A to Z.