Mediation Divorce Couples

Major Reasons to See a Mediator Before a Lawyer

When you begin to experience issues in your marriage that put you or your family at risk, it is time to seek solutions. Depending on the situation, counselling may be the best course of action – though that is not the only case. When these situations escalate beyond the point of counselling’s assistance – such […]

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Mediation Divorce Family Mediation

Kelowna Divorce & Family Mediation at its Best!

In shaping an office that allows couples, families, and individuals to sort out their issues in a neutral, safe environment, Daniel Mandelbaum understood then and now that it takes a special person to successfully mediate. By taking into account the feelings, opinions, and judgements of his clients, Daniel is compassionate while remaining impartial. It is […]

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Mediation Divorce Business

Kelowna Family Businesses: Finding Resolution During Divorce Through Mediation

Divorce can become complicated quickly, especially when a family business hangs between the two parties. Making an effective, mutual agreement requires an expert mediator that is capable in business and finance. To facilitate the process, the involved parties should be prepared with their own expectations, and areas they will concede, prior to beginning mediation. The […]

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