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How to Choose a Divorce Mediator in Kelowna?

Choosing a divorce mediator in Kelowna is a crucial step in your personal life. Having a mediator who understands what you need and what you want can make the process a whole lot easier. It’s important to make sure that whatever mediator you choose, they are great at communicating. During this challenging time, it is […]

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Divorce mediator Kelowna – FAQ

When it comes to hiring a divorce mediator from Kelowna, you may be wondering why you need one? Or perhaps, what they do? Or maybe where and when this occurs? If you have any of these questions be sure to follow along with the article below. Who, what, where, when, and why you should hire […]

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Questions To Ask Your Kelowna Divorce Mediator

Starting the divorce process is a momentous, and sometimes difficult process to begin. Starting the process with a Kelowna divorce mediator can feel overwhelming and it’s normal to feel a huge range of emotions throughout the entire process. However, divorce doesn’t need to complex, difficult or overwhelming. Divorce mediation can help both parties find resolutions […]

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Mediation Divorce Couples

5 Myths About Divorce Mediation

When it comes to the complexities of filing for divorce in Canada, there is an abundance of information out there. Some of its true, some of it’s not. To help you wade through the information, we’ve compiled a list of myths about divorce mediation to help you make steps towards an agreeable divorce. Myth 1: […]

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